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Five Reasons To Rent With A Pet

Five Reasons To Rent With A Pet - The Well House

With the impact of Covid-19 triggering a number of lockdowns in the UK, increased social isolation has resulted in a huge surge of pet ownership. Since the start of the pandemic, 3.2 million families have taken the leap into pet ownership, therefore triggering a shift in priorities for many of us.

At The Well House, we recognise the great social and health benefits pets give to their owners so are proud to offer pet-friendly rental accommodation. Whilst we understand that each relationship between a pet and an owner is unique, here are five reasons why we believe pets should always be welcome at The Well House.

Provide companionship

It is a common belief that pet ownership could form part of the solution to the growing issue of loneliness in the UK, an argument which has only become stronger following the pandemic. Pets can often compensate for the absence of human companionship because of their ability to provide a sense of purpose, emotional support, offer affection and encourage connections with other humans. The psychological connection to a pet may provide well-being benefits for owners, just like any other human would and offer a physical presence which gives people an immediate sense of belonging.


A healthier heart

It is widely recognised that owning a pet is particularly good for your heart. Health benefits range from: improved cardiovascular health, a reduced risk of asthma, lower blood pressure and fewer minor ailments such as colds. People who have pets tend to have better levels of cholesterol and triglycerides compared to those who do not and pet owners are proven to be less likely to die of any cardiac disease, including heart failure. Furthermore, some pets have been proven to help detect, treat and manage a variety of illnesses and debilitations. Dogs in particular can provide an “early warning”, often detecting an approaching epilectic seizure or sniffing out a disease, such as cancer, as their sense of smell is 10,000 more acute than a humans.

Increased exercise

Going hand in hand with the cardiovascular and lower blood pressure advantages that come with being a pet owner, is the increased daily exercise that comes from being a pet owner. Exercise doesn’t always have to mean a 5K run or an hour in the gym, even regular walks will help to contribute to the recommended 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week. The increased opportunities to exercise will improve your fitness levels and your heart health as a result.

Form social connections

It is important for both our mental and physical health that we form connections with other people. Owning a pet can help to facilitate social connections by acting as a form of support, they can encourage confidence in their owners and therefore help you to form new relationships. Our four-legged friends are a brilliant way to get you talking and connecting with other people in the local neighbourhood. Whether it’s a simple chit chat with other dog owners or a short conversation when buying supplies at the pet shop, pets are a great way to meet others with similar interests.


Reducing stress

It has been scientifically proven that spending just a short amount of time in the presence of a dog can help owners feel more calm and relaxed, reducing the stress and increasing levels of happiness chemicals, such as dopamine. Following on, humans have the innate need for touch, just petting a dog can considerably reduce the stress hormone, cortisol which can help us to feel more relaxed.

At The Well House, we want to make your pets feel just as at home as you do. Speak to your Community Manager who can provide more information on renting with your pet or visit our FAQs to find out more.

To discover more about our range of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom, pet-friendly rental apartments available at The Well House.

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